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Southern Switzerland 2024

Every place has an inner soul waiting to be discovered. And in order to discover the soul of a place there has to be a connection with its spirit, with the stories it passes down, with the emotions it communicates. Yet only truly special places have the power to draw together such diverse emotions and create an unforgettable travel experience. For those in search of such an experience, Ascona is the perfect place. Inspiring at every level, it invites daydreaming. To visit Ascona and the surrounding areas is to open yourself to an infinite array of intense emotions, some of which are fundamental to a real appreciation of the place and its magic – let us take you on this journey. Naturally, it starts with the lake, which we will follow from its tributaries up to spectacular mountain landscapes. We will of course be accompanied by excellent music, mainly by the international jazz for which Ascona has become so famous over the last 40 years. All this infused with the splendid notes of «dolce vita», so intrinsic to this enchanting borgo. We will go on amazing adventures, climb to high alpine pastures, explore unique places to stay and then pause to take a well-earned «gourmet» break, accompanied by an excellent local wine. Join us on this incredible journey and discover the key to Ascona’s multifaceted spirit with its magic and its secrets. Let the magic begin!